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Sweet Suggestions

Chocolate is Good for You! Now this is news that we can be Totally Into.

Note! This only applies to chocolate with a minimum of 80% cocoa solids, so back away from the milk chocolate and sugar-filled stuff.

But hey! Chocolate is Chocolate and we’re loving the fact that eating it in moderation can help us maintain a strong immune system. In fact, just one square can aid in the stabilizing of blood sugars. Need any more excuses?

• Dark chocolate is rich in magnesium which is really good news for helping boost your energy levels

• It is cholesterol free, so make dark chocolate a part of your dietary fight against heart disease

• Feeling stressed? Reach for some dark chocolate – it has been said that high levels of cacao can help to reduce blood pressure

• And finally, nobody can argue with the fact that chocolate is a mood enhancer. Who doesn’t feel better after a sweet treat? We are Totally In with that!