Zicam® Partners with Fitness Guru Tracy Anderson, Self Magazine and Local Officials to Kick Off National Immunity Month | Zicam

Zicam® Partners with Fitness Guru Tracy Anderson, Self Magazine and Local Officials to Kick Off National Immunity Month

BRIDGEWATER, N.J., Oct. 1, 2015 /PRNewswire/

Zicam®, a leading provider of over-the-counter cold and allergy relief products, today kicks off National Immunity Month with the launch of Zicam® Total Immune, a brand new dietary supplement and immune support product. Part of a larger effort to promote immune health, Zicam® is teaming up with fitness expert Tracy Anderson, Self magazine and the mayor of Bridgewater, NJ to help consumers prepare for the upcoming cold season.

"The launch of Zicam® Total Immune expands our role as a wellness solution, providing consumers with a range of immune support products to fit their active lifestyles," said M'lou Walker, CEO of Matrixx, makers of Zicam. "In our mission to develop better ways to feel better, we are excited to partner with others who support healthy living."

The launch of Zicam® Total Immune also marks the start of National Immunity Month, which was officially proclaimed by Dan Hayes, mayor of Bridgewater, NJ.

"The Township looks forward to the recognition of October as National Immunity Month. As part of our community's designation as a 'healthy town' through the New Jersey Mayors Wellness Campaign, it is part of our mission to raise awareness of important health issues," said Dan Hayes, Mayor of Bridgewater, NJ.

Among those supporting National Immunity Month and the launch of Zicam® Total Immune is fitness expert and entrepreneur, Tracy Anderson.

"As a mother and business owner, I really look for products that work for my busy lifestyle and can be taken on the go," said Tracy Anderson. "I'm all about helping women be the very best version of themselves and I love that Zicam® Total Immune is about giving your body the added support it needs so you can live life to the fullest."

To further ensure consumers are well prepared for the season, Zicam® is partnering with SELF magazine on a series titled "31 Days to Better Health & Happiness" which will provide tips and tricks for supporting immune health this fall through nutrition, fitness, wellness and sleep.

To view SELF's 31 Days to Better Health & Happiness content sponsored by Zicam® Total Immune, visit http://www.self.com/31daystobetterhealthhappiness.

Throughout the month of October, Zicam® encourages all consumers to showcase their immunity-supporting activities and stress the importance of immune health on social media using #TotallyIn

About Zicam® Total Immune

Zicam® Total Immune is a new dietary supplement that supports your immune system with great tasting dissolving melts or unique crystals. Available in a great tasting, dissolving melt or unique crystals packet, Zicam® Total Immune is a quick and easy way to support your immune system. Zicam® Total Immune helps rally, restore and re-energize your body so you can live life totally in.

Zicam® Total Immune + Performance Support Orange Burst Melts are perfect for pre- or post-workout with a special blend of vitamins, amino acids and electrolytes to help support energy, stamina and endurance.

Zicam® Total Immune + Digestive Health Berry Crystals support immunity with both pre- and pro-biotics that contain live active cultures to support digestive health. It can be taken right from the packet without water or can be mixed in water for hydrating immunity support on the go.

About Matrixx Initiatives, Inc.

Matrixx Initiatives, Inc. has been engaged in the development and marketing of better ways to feel better through over-the-counter health care products that utilize innovative drug delivery systems for over 20 years. Acquired by HIG Capital in February 2011, Matrixx Initiatives manufactures and markets ZICAM® brand homeopathic and allopathic OTC products, including its clinically proven line of ZICAM® Cold Remedy Nasal Spray and Swab, ZICAM® Cold Remedy RAPIDMELTS® and Ultra RAPIDMELTS® and ZICAM® Cold Remedy Oral Mist™. Matrixx products also include ZICAM® Cold Remedy Relief for Kids, ZICAM® Allergy Relief Spray and Swab, ZICAM® Extreme Congestion Relief, ZICAM® Intense Sinus Relief, and its dietary supplement line, ZICAM® Total Immune. For more information regarding Matrixx products, please visit www.zicam.com and www.zicamimmune.com.

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